Rabbit litters have finally arrived at Lile's Lops!  I am very excited as I haven't had litters since October because of the cold.  Madi has four healthy babies that have just opened their eyes (1 REW/PW, 2 torts, and 1 black), and Portia has 6 kits that are bouncing around her cage (2 blue torts, 1 tort, 2 blues, and 1 black).  I'm very excited about all of these kits!  The colors are beautiful, and Portia's kits are chunky and already lopping their ears!
I have two more litters due this week from Sapphire and Sadie, and I'm crossing my fingers everything goes well.  Both of those does should produce some colorful litters.  I also bred Isabella and Avis and they are due in early May.  I am also pleased to announce I am borrowing a beautiful blue otter doe from Blue Buns Rabbitry, and she is already bred to Bayou the blue buck we share.  She will be due around the same time as Isabella and Avis.
The end of my classes for this semester is right around the corner, and once they're done I will be on a much needed vacation for two weeks.  So between being busy with preparing for finals and assignments in the next few weeks, and going on vacation, I may not be able to update my blog for quite a while.  I hope to keep at least my nursery page and for sale page up to date though.
Until next time,

Wow, when I first created my website I always thought I would be great about updating my site regularly, and wouldn't turn into one of those people that only updated their site once a month.  Well it's been exactly a month since I last updated my site.  Time has flown by, and I'm even busier than ever (although I didn't even think that was possible).  I'm glad I haven't had a lot of rabbits to sell or lots of updates to post though, otherwise I would have gotten WAY behind on things.  As spring is approaching, I'm beginning to breed rabbits again, and I'm hoping to be more regular with updating my site.  Because of my increasingly busy schedule, I've decided to cut back on rabbits some.  I won't be breeding as much, and will keep my numbers even lower now.  I will keep a few therapy rabbits (which I bring to nursing homes and occasionally schools), some excellent show rabbits, and some good breeding rabbits (torts, and some blues and shadeds).  With less rabbits, they will get more individual attention which I think is very important, as well as free me up to have a little more time to keep up with emails and updating my website. 
All of that being said, check my available rabbits page for several new rabbits available.  I will probably have several proven senior does available very soon as well.

Since my last blog, I've been to a couple shows where we've had some nice wins. In Spartanburg, SC in January, Zane my sable point buck, won Best Of Variety!  This is a huge accomplishment as sable points rarely even win legs in shows.  I'm looking forward to breeding him this spring.  We had other nice placements but no other legs that I remember.
In Fairview, NC in February, Bentley (a black buck) won Best of Breed, and Isabella (my broken tort doe) won Best Opposite Sex!  Audrey (my broken blue tort junior doe) and Lennox (my black junior buck) both came in first in their class and won legs (if there were enough rabbits in each class).
I'm very pleased with Isabella's win as this was her first show after having several litters.  During her litters she looked very broody, but once she had a big break, she got her body back!  I will probably be just using her as a show rabbit from now on as I already have several babies and grand babies from her.  She is pictured below with the ribbon she won for BOS. 
That's all there is to update about recent shows.

Check back for more updates soon!

I finally got around to updating my site with new pics and for sale rabbits.  This is a busy time of the year and I apologize for delays in updates.  My first semester at Haywood Community College is coming to a close, but these last couple of weeks will be busy with preparation for finals.  I will be glad when Christmas break comes so I can spend more time with the rabbits and get some Christmas shopping done! 
While I was taking pictures yesterday, I got some great pictures of Sabrina's three babies.  I wanted to share one of the particularly cute ones here.  




Several things to update on...

First, I am excited to say I am the new zone 9 youth director for the Holland Lop club!  I sent in my first report a couple days ago which will be published in the Winter magazine. 

I also have begun a venture into raising dwarf hamsters.  I now have two Campbell's Russian Dwarfs.  One female which I believe to be an Argente color, and a male which is a blue satin.  I'll be breeding them in a few weeks probably.  I'm very excited to have them!  I will probably list hamsters on my for sale page whenever I have some available.  Or, I may make a hamstery website.  If I do I'll post a link on here!

We went to Taylorsville last Saturday for a show and did pretty well with some of our young juniors.  Lile's Ally got Best Opposite Sex of Variety!  I had a first place and some second and third places with some of the others.  We only had time to stay for the first show though, but it was great to see many of our rabbit breeder friends there!

I'll probably have a Thanksgiving sale soon to hopefully move out the last of the pet rabbits.  We sold quite a few rabbits in Taylorsville, which was great, but need to get the remaining for sale rabbits moved out to make room for juniors needing to separate.  

I was able to get some nice pics of some of the buns before it got dark this afternoon!  Will try to finish the photo shoot tomorrow but I at least got pics of all the babies and new pics of some of the for sale rabbits. 
I just wanted to share a few more of the pictures I took here.
a very sleepy litter
super cute blue tort kit
already a complete fuzz ball
I took way too many pictures of this baby lol - it was just too cute!
Last Saturday was the Blue Ridge Rabbit Club's show in Fairview, NC.  The show was super fun, and we really enjoyed it.  The club always does a great job putting it on!
We had a few  nice wins!  In Show A, Willie got BOB!! We had a few other nice placements....Nutmeg got 3rd in a large junior doe class which is great since she wasn't even quite 3 months old for that show. Zane came in third in that show as well I think.  In show B, Zane came in first in his class which is really great for a sable point!  Other than that I can't remember my other placements in Show B. Guess I'll have to wait for my show reports to come...
I have many rabbits for sale right now that I'd like to move out of soon.  I need space for litters needing to be separated soon. Check the for sale page, and email me if you have any questions!

Show Prep


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Tomorrow is the Fairview show put on by the Blue Ridge Rabbit Club (which I am a member of).  This show is one of my favorites and everyone does such a great job of organizing it!  The raffle tables at this show are the best I've ever seen at a show and the awards are always so unique and beautiful. 
Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to the show tomorrow.  I will be showing 11 Hollands and may bring a couple to sell.
Today will be a busy day doing nail trims, making pedigrees, and tattooing the buns.  Hopefully I will be able to get everything done today so I can relax tomorrow before the show starts and not have to worry about doing last minute nail trims or tattoos.
I decided to do something new and update my website design and layout.  So far I'm liking the new look!  I hope you all do too!

Enjoy this nice fall weather!
For those of you who check my website regularly, I'm very sorry for taking so long between updates now!  I recently started going to community college (even though I'm just a junior in high school) to get a head start on college, and I've been very busy with the classes, as well as sports, my church job, and keeping up with the rabbitry and shows.  Fortunately my mom has been a huge help lately with my rabbitry and takes care of my rabbits for me when I get too busy.   But with everything going on in my life right now, I'm afraid that my website won't be updated as often as it used to be.  I will do my best to keep up with emails, but on a normal schedule, I will probably only be able to answer them Friday-Monday.  So please bear with me, and be patient when waiting for email replies and website updates.

The 8th of this month was the fair show, and we had a few good placements.  Cindy got BOSV in show A and Sebastian got first in class winning him a leg.  It was great to get back into the swing of showing and to see all my rabbit breeder friends.  All in all it was a really fun show!

We've also had some more litters here...Check the nursery page!  The babies are growing like crazy and I'll try to get some pics of them as soon as I can.

Take care,

Wow, another gender mix up here... I realized the other day that one of the "does" in Minnie's last litter is really a buck after all.  It was always hard to tell with him what gender he was when he was little, but at 8 weeks I finally just decided he was a doe.  Well needless to say, Johanna now has a new name...Sebastian.  Here's some updated pics of him.  I am very happy to have a solid tort buck out of Willie (with no ear control too)!   I'm excited to show him soon!